Social Media Fundraising

The internet and social media have come to play integral roles in our business and personal lives. So it is no surprise that institutions and organisations can experience great success by using these channels effectively to get ahead in the world of philanthropic giving. Social media is an ever-changing phenomenon that must be used in ways that are strategic and appropriate for each organisation.

To that end, we at Marts & Lundy in the UK can call upon clear expertise from colleagues in the US to deliver strategic assessments of your organisation’s online presence and social media fundraising strategy. Our assessment will review primary websites, profiles and pages on major social networks (including Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others) as well as your organisation’s online giving experience. The assessment will examine the quantity and quality of postings, tweets and discussions; the communication balance (push vs. receive) and content quality and feedback.

Our report to you will include:

  • Opportunities for the integration of social media fundraising campaigns and communications
  • An assessment of your website’s performance relative to the core website pages every fundraising organisation should have
  • Tips for avoiding and/or fixing common social media mistakes

To learn more about how we can help you make the most of social media, click here.