Regular Giving

Capital campaigns get all the glory, but the most successful campaigns are built on the shoulders of strong regular giving programmes. This programme should:

  • Engage target groups in your organisation’s efforts
  • Use analytics to identify the best tactics for securing philanthropic support from your stakeholders
  • Build sustainable giving relationships that feed the major and legacy gift pipeline

Regular giving counsel involves taking the long view and answering the difficult questions:

  • Does your regular giving programme consistently provide opportunities and reasons for donors to upgrade their gift levels?
  • Do your outreach programmes engage donors in your mission and inform them of accomplishments?
  • Are you allocating your inevitably limited resources in the most effective way to ensure a successful programme?
  • Do special programmes, such as reunions, develop new major and leadership gift and volunteer prospects?
  • Do you optimise which channel donors use to give — mail, phone, email, web, social and face-to-face?
  • Do you effectively track when, how, and why a donor contributes? Do you use that information to build relationships with your donors?
  • Do you know why non-donors do not support your efforts?

In our partnership with you, effective counsel can help you answer these questions, build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Our services combine a positive and creative application of experience and data analysis for your unique circumstances. We stand ready to help maximise every opportunity.

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