Overall Programme Assessment&Planning

There are moments in time when what is required is a broad overview of an organisation’s fundraising objectives, strategies, resources and practical delivery. We do this by means of a simple three-stage process.

  • Materials Review. We take on board as much factual information as possible, from broad strategic plans and financial measures through to details of donor profiles and campaign performance.
  • Internal Interviews. We undertake a number of structured, focused interviews with key stakeholders, including volunteers, key staff and executives. From these, we gain a strong qualitative understanding of the organisation and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • External Interviews. Interviewing a small number of key donors (far fewer than in a full Feasibility Study) we explore their engagement levels and responses to different funding project options and key messages.

On this basis we can provide an Overview Report that can effectively act as a route map for future activities and development — answering vital questions to do with setting priorities, timelines and budgets, and ensuring that resources and structures are fit for purpose. At the very least, it’s a process that can act as a valuable departmental spring-cleaning at fairly regular intervals