Healthcare/Medical Fundraising

Health fundraising is complex, in particular because of the frequently overlapping, related and competing entities involved at local, regional and national levels. The need to establish and maintain effective working relationships and agree on the clearest possible “lines of demarcation” in order to maximise successful outcomes is paramount.

Our approach is largely interview-based so as to gain a qualitative feel for what might be possible at your specific organisation. This approach greatly benefits from the extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in the healthcare sector acquired over 90-plus years by our colleagues in the US and Canadian practices of Marts & Lundy. We would strongly recommend involving a US- or Canada-based consultant with relevant expertise in our team – possibly on an arm’s length basis, but ideally spending time working with you and taking part in the interview phase.

We’re confident that the resulting report will benefit from a clarity, focus and realism that will be very difficult to match elsewhere.