Strong leadership is an accomplishment, not a gift. Poor governance or ineffective leadership can lead to institutional dysfunction and even paralysis. Marts & Lundy brings an objective, dispassionate perspective to governance and leadership matters, while offering advice and recommendations on how to govern and lead an institution in a strategic, ethical and humane manner.

Marts & Lundy consultants work in partnerships with presidents, trustees and senior administrators to help organisations respond to the challenges they face. As a firm, we know what has worked well in the past but, more important, we know what is working well today and we can help you plan for a successful future.

Specific services offerings include:

  • Strategy Development: Helping boards and leadership to identify the most desirable outcomes and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Board Assessment: Critically reviewing board policies and practices concerning board membership, member orientation process, committee structure and effectiveness.
  • Board Self Development: Helping senior leadership to recruit and develop a stable board with the abilities to govern strategically and develop the resources needed to advance the institution.
  • Leadership Assessment: Critically reviewing the interactions amongst institutional leaders including trustees/directors, chief executive officers and chief financial officers.
  • Philanthropic Advising: Designing workshops to help your institutional leaders understand the culture of philanthropy and provide staff and volunteers with the necessary tools to raise funds successfully.

We would recommend involving a US-based consultant with relevant expertise in our team – possibly on an arm’s length basis, but ideally spending time working with you. Want to know more about governance and leadership services? Click here.