Alumni Programmes

Through our experience with education institutions in the UK, along with our US-based colleagues who have great experience with institutions around the world, we work closely with clients to assess the current state of their alumni programmes and implement best practices. At the same time, we ensure that the programme complements the institution’s culture, with an ultimate goal of effectively engaging and mobilising the alumni base to enhance alumni fundraising.

This will often include a closer look at your communications efforts to make certain there is a two-way exchange in which both parties — alumni and the institution — acknowledge how you can be of assistance to each other.

For some clients, we take part in regular on-site meetings with alumni programme staff to monitor alumni programming and make adjustments where needed.  For others, we conduct in-depth alumni programme assessments to determine opportunities for improvement in staffing, programmes, communications and other areas.

Each assessment is designed specifically for the particular needs of the institution, so there is no one assessment template that works for everyone. Typically, we draw upon a variety of techniques including:

  • Analysis of alumni demographics, giving and affinity
  • Review of programme reports, budgets, job descriptions, by-laws and other materials
  • Online survey to alumni
  • Personal interviews with staff and alumni

Having analysed the gathered information, we prepare a report, which we personally deliver to the appropriate institutional audiences.  We are then available to provide counsel on implementing the report recommendations if required.

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