Constituent Surveys

The Marts & Lundy online Constituent Survey take your case to a wider audience of potential donors in a highly cost effective manner, providing you with far greater insight into your constituents’ readiness to support your campaign efforts. The questions asked and the information obtained are similar to those in our Feasibility Interviews, allowing us to further strengthen the planning study and offer more precise direction to the campaign plan.

A key point of distinction is our ability to link participants’ responses to their historical giving and demographic information. This allows for further segmentation of the survey population by interest, affinity and capacity, and so delivers a broader picture of the prospect pool, and a deeper understanding of the interests of this self-reported group and how best to proceed in building relationships with prospective donors.

Combining the Feasibility Interviews with shorter, simpler online surveys reaching thousands of constituents gives a cost-effective and accurate picture of perceptions of your organisation and your proposed campaign — so providing a robust basis for our strategic recommendations.

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