Campaign Readiness Assessment

Your campaign is not likely to succeed if it does not positively engage your administrative and volunteer leadership in a thoughtful, deliberate process — of which the campaign itself is the culmination. Our Campaign Readiness Assessment will answer these questions:

  • Do you have compelling and impactful fundraising priorities?
  • Do you have a sufficiently robust, engaged and well-managed donor and prospect pool to support your campaign?
  • Do you have the appropriate staffing and adequate budget for this campaign?
  • Do you have the appropriate volunteer management system in place?
  • Do you have sufficient volunteers identified?
  • Are the administrative leaders and your Board committed to the campaign, and do they understand the time commitments required of them?
  • Do you have the right policies and procedures for gift acceptance and donor stewardship in place?
  • Do your systems, procedures and personnel support your processes in terms of record-keeping, prospect management, gift acceptance and acknowledgement and reporting?
  • Are your communications efforts with both internal and external audiences focused on key messages that support campaign initiatives?

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