Campaign Planning Studies

These research-based services, hugely innovative when originally introduced, played a big part in the success of Marts & Lundy in our early days. Today, in much-enhanced and developed form, they continue to prove their value to clients time and time again.

In essence, Campaign Planning Studies enable us to offer you a robust qualitative and quantitative set of measures to inform a feasible campaign goal and what is required for success. With these measures, you can design and implement campaigns targeted on delivering the best achievable results. There are five main components, which may differ from client to client and campaign to campaign. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that the three key elements of a successful campaign are in place before you embark:

  • Your Case: How widely is your vision for the future understood and supported among both internal and external constituents? Are your fundraising priorities compelling to key stakeholders, including members of the Board, major donor prospects, and other friends and leaders?
  • Your Constituents: Where will the donations come from? Which individuals, corporations, and foundations have a stake in your future and what is their capacity and inclination to give?
  • Your Catalysts: Who are the individuals making the compelling argument about the future of your organisation? Who will lead this effort on both a staff and volunteer level ?