Prospect-to-donor studies

Few analytical tools are more valuable than those that identify which of your current prospects present themselves as having the greatest potential to become major donors. We offer two approaches that allow for a tailored analysis of your donors’ potential:

Non-Donor to Major Donor Assessments

Through a detailed analysis of the giving behaviour, historical engagement patterns and demographic characteristics of your institution’s top donors, we can build custom models that clarify the types of individual with whom you are most successful. The Non-Donor to Major Donor Assessment can be customised to address major gift or annual fund donors and prospects.

A rich understanding of your historic successes, along with individual prospect-level data that can be integrated into your database, allows you to develop long-term strategies for converting prospects to donors and for increasing gift levels.

Member to Donor Assessment

The Member to Donor assessment is specifically designed to evaluate your institution’s ability to transition members to annual fund and ultimately major gift donors. By leveraging the data that you already carry in your organisation’s member and donor databases, Marts & Lundy will identify the attributes and behaviours most likely to convert members from transactional to philanthropic relationships with your institution.

Individual prospect-level data can then be integrated into your database and used to implement the recommended segmentation, communication and prospect management strategies that will convert members to more significant gifts.

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