Online Attitudinal Surveys

The world of market research has been transformed by the ability of online surveys to reach key market segments quickly and at very low cost.

External Surveys

Online external surveys are efficient and effective ways to:

  • Qualify existing prospects
  • Identify new prospects
  • Test your institution’s strategy and campaign priorities
  • Identify roadblocks to fundraising

Additionally, online external surveys can be a powerful way to engage your target groups and enrich cultivation.

We custom-design surveys to meet your institution’s needs, deploy the surveys, manage technical issues during deployment and analyse the results in conjunction with historical giving, engagement and demographic data from your master file. The surveys can be designed for all of your constituents or for segments, such as top prospects, major reunion-year alumni or organisation members.

We will provide you with a database including all responses and a written summary and analysis of results.

Internal Surveys

Confidential, third-party surveys of staff will help you gauge morale and measure the effectiveness of internal communications and processes. The arms-length nature of online internal surveys leads to frank input that can be vital as you build and manage a successful fundraising team.

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