Services Fitted Precisely to Your Needs

We offer a wide range of services to leadership, development directors and their teams across a variety of organisations. Although our listing of services provides you with a good sense of how we might be able to help you, we do not intend it to be comprehensive. We consider ourselves a bespoke consultancy that tailors solutions and services to each client, so we always welcome a conversation to see how we might be able to be of help to you.

This listing of solutions and services really represents a way of thinking about how to approach a particular client need, and will almost always have to be configured in a way that meets the particular need precisely. We feel sure that among them, you will find at least one, and probably many more, which respond to challenges and opportunities that you can recognise and relate to.

Alumni Programmes

Alumni Programmes

Through our experience with education institutions in the UK, along with our US-based colleagues who have great experience with institutions around the world, we work closely with clients to assess the current state of their alumni programmes and implement best practices. At the same time, we ensure that the programme complements the institution’s culture, with an ultimate goal of effectively engaging and mobilising the alumni base to enhance alumni fundraising.

This will often include a closer look at your communications efforts to make certain there is a two-way exchange in which both parties — alumni and the institution — acknowledge how you can be of assistance to each other.

For some clients, we take part in regular on-site meetings with alumni programme staff to monitor alumni programming and make adjustments where needed.  For others, we conduct in-depth alumni programme assessments to determine opportunities for improvement in staffing, programmes, communications and other areas.

Each assessment is designed specifically for the particular needs of the institution, so there is no one assessment template that works for everyone. Typically, we draw upon a variety of techniques including:

  • Analysis of alumni demographics, giving and affinity
  • Review of programme reports, budgets, job descriptions, by-laws and other materials
  • Online survey to alumni
  • Personal interviews with staff and alumni

Having analysed the gathered information, we prepare a report, which we personally deliver to the appropriate institutional audiences.  We are then available to provide counsel on implementing the report recommendations if required.

Regular Giving

Regular Giving

Capital campaigns get all the glory, but the most successful campaigns are built on the shoulders of strong regular giving programmes. This programme should:

  • Engage target groups in your organisation’s efforts
  • Use analytics to identify the best tactics for securing philanthropic support from your stakeholders
  • Build sustainable giving relationships that feed the major and legacy gift pipeline

Regular giving counsel involves taking the long view and answering the difficult questions:

  • Does your regular giving programme consistently provide opportunities and reasons for donors to upgrade their gift levels?
  • Do your outreach programmes engage donors in your mission and inform them of accomplishments?
  • Are you allocating your inevitably limited resources in the most effective way to ensure a successful programme?
  • Do special programmes, such as reunions, develop new major and leadership gift and volunteer prospects?
  • Do you optimise which channel donors use to give — mail, phone, email, web, social and face-to-face?
  • Do you effectively track when, how, and why a donor contributes? Do you use that information to build relationships with your donors?
  • Do you know why non-donors do not support your efforts?

In our partnership with you, effective counsel can help you answer these questions, build on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Our services combine a positive and creative application of experience and data analysis for your unique circumstances. We stand ready to help maximise every opportunity.

Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns

We are fundraising campaign specialists. We won’t make your choices, but we will help you select your best options, taking full advantage of our knowledge of successes and disappointments at institutions like yours. We will bring to you the newest ideas in the field and the knowledge of what probably lies ahead in your fundraising campaign. As these choices are faced, resolved, implemented and evaluated, everyone on your team, from the volunteers to the record-keeping staff, will gain expertise.

Through regular discussions, campaign counsel will work with you to build the basis for a successful campaign – everything from designing the broad campaign plan and timeline to developing cultivation and solicitation strategies for key donors. We will provide advice on your budget, staffing requirements, volunteer needs and training, as well as communications efforts and stewardship programmes. Perhaps most importantly, we will remain steadfastly committed to helping you realise your campaign goals and will do everything we can to earn a place among your most trusted partners.


Assessment & Planning

Overall Programme Assessment & Planning

There are moments in time when what is required is a broad overview of an organisation’s fundraising objectives, strategies, resources and practical delivery. We do this by means of a simple three-stage process.

Materials Review. We take on board as much factual information as possible, from broad strategic plans and financial measures through to details of donor profiles and campaign performance.

Internal Interviews. We undertake a number of structured, focused interviews with key stakeholders, including volunteers, key staff and executives. From these, we gain a strong qualitative understanding of the organisation and its strengths and weaknesses.

External Interviews. Interviewing a small number of key donors (far fewer than in a full Feasibility Study) we explore their engagement levels and responses to different funding project options and key messages.

On this basis we can provide an Overview Report that can effectively act as a route map for future activities and development — answering vital questions to do with setting priorities, timelines and budgets, and ensuring that resources and structures are fit for purpose. At the very least, it’s a process that can act as a valuable departmental spring-cleaning at fairly regular intervals

Healthcare & Medical

Health & Medical Fundraising

Health fundraising is complex, in particular because of the frequently overlapping, related and competing entities involved at local, regional and national levels. The need to establish and maintain effective working relationships and agree on the clearest possible “lines of demarcation” in order to maximise successful outcomes is paramount.

Our approach is largely interview-based so as to gain a qualitative feel for what might be possible at your specific organisation. This approach greatly benefits from the extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in the healthcare sector acquired over 90-plus years by our colleagues in the US and Canadian practices of Marts & Lundy. We would strongly recommend involving a US- or Canada-based consultant with relevant expertise in our team – possibly on an arm’s length basis, but ideally spending time working with you and taking part in the interview phase.

We’re confident that the resulting report will benefit from a clarity, focus and realism that will be very difficult to match elsewhere.

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Gift planning, broadly defined, encompasses the totality of a potential donor’s philanthropic endeavours with an institution. Marts & Lundy’s approach is to help our clients position their legacy giving effort strategically within the broader context of the organisation’s short and long term plans.

Whether you’re building a legacy gifts programme from scratch or you need to enhance an on-going programme, our counsel can provide the roadmap for your success. We can advise on the most effective approach for your programme, and help you build strategies for success with individual prospects.

Major Giving

Major Giving

Your major/principal gift programme lies at the heart of your success. Your lead volunteers and your leadership donors of the future are likely to be drawn from the cohort of committed major donors. Whether you are embarking on major gift work for the first time or wanting to grow the impact of your current programme, our experience and tailored advice will help you to attract those gifts that can “move the needle” in your organisation.

All of our consultants are highly experienced in building successful major gifts programmes. We will advise you on the most effective strategies for a vital and sustainable programme, provide training for your gift officers and volunteers and help you build strategies for success with individual donor prospects.

Governance & Leadership

Governance & Leadership

Strong leadership is an accomplishment, not a gift. Poor governance or ineffective leadership can lead to institutional dysfunction and even paralysis. Marts & Lundy brings an objective, dispassionate perspective to governance and leadership matters, while offering advice and recommendations on how to govern and lead an institution in a strategic, ethical and humane manner.

Marts & Lundy consultants work in partnerships with presidents, trustees and senior administrators to help organisations respond to the challenges they face. As a firm, we know what has worked well in the past but, more important, we know what is working well today and we can help you plan for a successful future.

Specific services offerings include:

  • Strategy Development: Helping boards and leadership to identify the most desirable outcomes and the strategies for achieving them.
  • Board Assessment: Critically reviewing board policies and practices concerning board membership, member orientation process, committee structure and effectiveness.
  • Board Self Development: Helping senior leadership to recruit and develop a stable board with the abilities to govern strategically and develop the resources needed to advance the institution.
  • Leadership Assessment: Critically reviewing the interactions amongst institutional leaders including trustees/directors, chief executive officers and chief financial officers.
  • Philanthropic Advising: Designing workshops to help your institutional leaders understand the culture of philanthropy and provide staff and volunteers with the necessary tools to raise funds successfully.
  • We would recommend involving a US-based consultant with relevant expertise in our team – possibly on an arm’s length basis, but ideally spending time working with you.

Social Media

Social Media Fundraising

The internet and social media have come to play integral roles in our business and personal lives. So it is no surprise that institutions and organisations can experience great success by using these channels effectively to get ahead in the world of philanthropic giving. Social media is an ever-changing phenomenon that must be used in ways that are strategic and appropriate for each organisation.

To that end, we at Marts & Lundy in the UK can call upon clear expertise from colleagues in the US to deliver strategic assessments of your organisation’s online presence and social media fundraising strategy. Our assessment will review primary websites, profiles and pages on major social networks (including Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others) as well as your organisation’s online giving experience. The assessment will examine the quantity and quality of postings, tweets and discussions; the communication balance (push vs. receive) and content quality and feedback.

Our report to you will include:

  • Opportunities for the integration of social media fundraising campaigns and communications
  • An assessment of your website’s performance relative to the core website pages every fundraising organisation should have
  • Tips for avoiding and/or fixing common social media mistakes

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Dynamic fundraising strategies and inclusive planning processes are key to success in fundraising. We aim to provide our clients with advice that focuses first on the development of the strategic plan, and then on the most effective ways to implement the plan.

Strategic plans are living documents. They define overarching goals, strategies and courses of action that must be monitored closely and revised with shifting conditions. Unified by bold but realistic visions and supported by core principles that guide decision-making, strong plans include focused, integrated strategies to achieve desired results. A fully integrated strategic plan provides not only a textured vision, but also a detailed framework that identifies specified benchmarks and measurement criteria.

Marts & Lundy’s approach to planning fundraising strategies helps our clients to:

  • Continuously measure progress against goals and objectives
  • Create a stronger brand signature through a growing evidence and story pool that creates opportunities to communicate and spotlight achievements
  • Encourage members of the administrative and academic community to “own” their individual pieces of the plan
  • Ensure that close friends will become more engaged in the goals and aspirations of the institution and, therefore, more inclined to partner with the leadership to realise those goals