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Clare Livingston

Associate Consultant

Clare is responsible for supporting our consultants and clients from across the not-for-profit sector in the UK and abroad, particularly in Business Development and Analytical Services.

Most recently, Clare served 10 years in the Development Trust at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She was responsible for campaign management, strategic planning, management of internal boards and committees and worked closely with senior management and academic leaders to align campaign priorities into the institutional planning process. Clare developed and launched a two-year strategic and operational plan setting fundraising strategies and KPI’s across all income streams for campaign priorities. Clare has a particular interest in data and analytics to create a data-driven culture that promotes and supports advancement programmes. Having overseen the prospect research and prospect management functions of the team, Clare was also responsible for the management of the CRM system providing strategic direction, reporting and training.

Clare is an active member of CASE Europe and Researchers in Fundraising (Scotland). She received an MA in History from the University of Aberdeen in 2003 and an Msc from Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) in 2004. She lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with her husband and two children, Joe and Katie.

Mobile: +44 (0) 756 849 0177
Email: livingston@martsandlundy.com