University of Aberdeen: working towards a winning campaign

The Campaign Planning Study for the University of Aberdeen, commissioned by the University’s leadership and Development Director, Liz Bowie, consisted of several distinct components – an initial Development Assessment Report, a Case Development process to develop the positioning platform for the campaign, a rigorous Capacity Analysis, a Feasibility Study for the campaign as a whole and an Online Survey across the full range of constituents.

Liz Bowie, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, says:

The report we received from M&L was a model of clarity and delivered in quick order to meet our schedule. Fiona is totally professional and a joy to work with. She is calm, measured and reassuring and brought a wealth of experience – including an in depth knowledge of the UK!

Results from the external research elements delivered some interesting outlying views as well as some strong commonly-held views. Our initial Development Assessment Report identified no fewer than 65 recommendations for internal change and restructuring to maximise the impact and success of fundraising and alumni relations at the University.

Iain Torrance, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen and President Emeritus of Princeton Theological Seminary, says:

M&L’s sense of the big picture, thoroughness, excellent data handling, interviews with donors and intelligent advice were crucially helpful in our planning, self-understanding and readiness for a new campaign.

Overall, the project has resulted in a 24-month roadmap, with clear milestones and success indicators along the way, building momentum towards what will be a significant campaign for the University of Aberdeen.