University College of London

University College, London: a feasibility study for a challenging project

You were at times robust with us and challenged our approach, which was valuable and necessary. The overall service received has been extremely professional, courteous and of course hugely helpful in focusing us on the outcomes UCL needed.Adrian Punaks, Director of Development

University College London (UCL) was planning a major new campus development in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. Adrian Punaks, Director of Development, engaged Marts & Lundy to undertake a feasibility study for a £70 million fundraising campaign, to be implemented in parallel with the £100 million campaign supporting the separate Queen Square House project.

Adrian commented:

The task in hand with this particular feasibility study was not straightforward. You tackled the inherent complexities with sound advice and were at all times mindful of the prospect and donor relationships at hand, and ensuring that these were dealt with sensitively.

Adopting the structured Marts & Lundy feasibility study approach, we interviewed a broad cross-section of potential high value donors, reporting back to the designated Development Office fundraiser after each interview for the most accurate data capture and follow-up. Once the interviews were completed, we wrote and presented a full report, which included a wide-ranging set of recommendations, starting with the way that UCL expresses its high-level Case For Support and drilling down into very specific ideas about segmenting and targeting specific messages within the campaign. We also saw the importance of stepping some way beyond our specific campaign remit in proposing a liaison programme with other fund-raising projects in the Olympic Park to ensure effective co-ordination in approaches to corporate donors.