How Marts & Lundy grew bigger by serving clients better

When Marts & Lundy was founded in the US in 1926, we were the world’s first fundraising consultancy. Our founders, Dr Arnaud Marts and George Lundy, strongly believed that “systematic fundraising would encourage the American spirit of volunteering and giving.”

Over the years the firm successfully served a growing range of clients primarily in education, in medicine and in arts and culture. We grew in size, and our range of services steadily broadened along with the clients we served and the locations in which we practised. This growth and increased understanding of the different sectors, markets, cultures and challenges has allowed us to better service our clients’ needs.

Throughout this time, Marts & Lundy has brought new ideas and new tools to fundraising consulting. We were the first firm to introduce Feasibility Studies to determine campaign goal feasibility and levels of constituent engagement, and the first to develop wealth screening technology. We also introduced the Capacity Analysis, a proprietary, data-driven assessment of an institution’s fundraising capacity, as well as the use of the Online Survey to cultivate and gather attitudinal information from multiple tiers of current and prospective donors in mass.

The timeline shows some of the highlights of our development over the years.

Marts and Lundy timeline

Today Marts & Lundy remains committed to contributing innovative thinking and thought leadership to the profession of fundraising, and we continue in our belief that philanthropy has the power to transform not only institutions but, more importantly, the world in which we live.