Historic England

Following the de-merger of Historic England and English Heritage, Historic England appointed Marts & Lundy to advise on building a fundraising strategy that supported appropriate parts of its work and that was supported by the appropriate development staff and infrastructure resources. Our work included helping to build a case for support, testing this through external interviews with prospective supporters, advising on establishing a separate Foundation vehicle, and providing draft policies and procedures for a new development function. Historic England has successfully moved forward, implementing many of the recommendations and is now actively and productively fundraising from the private sector.

“Fiona quickly gained a strong understanding of Historic England’s vision and diverse range of activities, as well as the challenges facing the organisation in raising philanthropic funds as a Government sponsored body. She approached the engagement with charm, professionalism and sensitivity, and inspired confidence in all those she met.  The resulting strategy was clear, considered and realistic, and provided the bedrock upon which a sound investment decision could be made. Personally I valued the collaborative and trusting professional relationship that Fiona and I built through this work and would recommend Marts & Lundy to others looking to benefit from Fiona’s considerable expertise and varied experience in the world of UK fundraising.” — Caroline Crewe Read, Head of Philanthropy