An International Perspective to Campaign Planning

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Marts & Lundy brought together our international expertise to deliver a campaign feasibility study for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. We worked closely with Kew Foundation to draft a case for support for the next phase of fundraising that emphasised the scientific, research and educational remit of Kew and we conducted interviews with key internal staff as well as with donors, prospects and volunteers. The findings from our work informed the clear recommendations contained in our detailed report. Our over-arching findings were presented to and well-received by both Kew’s Executive Board and the Kew Foundation Council members achieving broad agreement to move forward to implement the recommendations.

“On behalf of Kew Foundation, I am hugely grateful to Fiona Kirk of Marts & Lundy for her professional approach, discreet manner, and overall adherence to our brief. She fully understood the complexities of the organisation and was able to connect with those she interviewed and then translate the findings into a digestible and clear report that outlined the key steps our organisation needed to take to achieve success.” — Meredith Pierce Hunter, Director, Kew Foundation