Transforming Constituent Data Into Relationship Building Strategies

King’s College Business School

As part of its ambitious vision for the future of King’s College London, the University formally opened King’s Business School in 2017. In terms of its strategic planning, the School wished to engage with graduates to help inform the approach to its alumni relations programme. The key objectives were to understand how this particular cohort of the University’s alumni wish to engage with the Business School, how the School can create a mutually beneficial relationship with its alumni to build a long-term culture of loyalty and engagement and affinity. Marts & Lundy designed a bespoke online attitudinal survey using methodologies and processes that our firm has developed over the years with numerous clients across the higher education sector. The output of the survey was a detailed analysis of findings and recommendations for improving alumni engagement, including aggregated analysis of the survey results and strategies for alumni relations and outreach.

“The survey was hugely valuable in helping to shape our alumni engagement strategy at King’s Business School. We came away with a wealth of meaningful insights, actionable data and a much better understanding of our alumni. Marts & Lundy’s expertise and guidance throughout the project was instrumental in ensuring that this important piece of research was a success.” — Dan Maggs, Head of External Engagement