Protect, Connect, Inspire: The Centennial Campaign for America’s National Parks

Grand Canyon

Our nation made a bold statement by establishing the National Park Service nearly a century ago to preserve not only America’s natural grandeur, but also the treasured reminders of our nation’s history

The decision to protect these parks, unimpaired for future generations, has been called America’s Best Idea. Like all good ideas, it has grown and flourished over time.

Today, our 400-plus national parks encompass 84 million acres of stunning landscapes common to all of us, from Yellowstone to the Great Smoky Mountains, from Denali to Acadia. They embrace battlefields, monuments, memorials and ancient dwellings of early Native Americans.

And they embody the very heart of our democracy. As filmmaker Ken Burns noted, these are places “set aside not for kings or nobleman or the very rich, but for everyone, for all time.”

Now, in celebration of the National Park Service’s centennial anniversary in 2016, the National Park Foundation asks you to join us in support of a $250 million campaign to Protect America’s special places, Connect people to parks, and Inspire the next generation of park stewards.